Personal stories

We are proud of the work that we do, and we love to hear from the people we support about how we have helped them. Here are just a few personal stories from people who have benefited from our services.

Jaime’s story

Read how Step One’s community support team supported Jaime to gain stability, confidence and the independence to move city and attend university.

Quite soon after working with Step One, my agoraphobic tendencies were challenged in a healthy and productive way; I went from a complete shut-in, afraid of answering the door, to regularly going outside every week alongside a variety of new faces.

Becky’s story

Read how Becky went from isolation to thriving in a peer support group setting facilitated by our wellbeing practitioners.

With support from Step One, I have taken away so much information such as understanding my mental health and learning loads of techniques and tools to manage my wellbeing.

Richard’s story

Now a community support worker at Step One, read how Richard overcame overwhelming mental health issues and found purpose in helping others through our BeWell service.

I cannot thank Dom and Barbara enough for helping me understand myself better. I have used the knowledge they gave me and put this into daily action to manage my own mental health.

Justin’s story

Read how Justin went from being unable to get up in the mornings to waking up feeling “so much better” with a paid job to go to.

I do feel better because of Step One, I am no longer associated with unruly friends and it helps that they keep me from being alone.

Sarah’s story

Read about Sarah’s time at Cypress Hospital where our team of professionals supported her to build trust, regain self-confidence and have hope for the future.

They were amazingly committed and gave not just consistent professional support but also love, kindness, a truly sincere and compassionate ear to listen and always competent advice in a therapeutic and reassuring manner.

Ginny’s story

Ginny shares her experience of overcoming this life-changing event and finding her way back to herself with the help of Step One’s supportive environment and through community connection.

I was brought down by a friend. I had a serious accident and I ended up having my brain washed, which meant I spent a year and a half coming back to being me. So going down to the hub at that point was like a lifeline for me.

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