Becky’s story: “The support group has become part of my life.”

Becky’s story

At Step One Charity we are committed to providing confidential and compassionate support across our services. Recently, we’ve had the privilege of supporting Becky through BeWell@StepOne.

Becky has struggled with anxiety and depression for many years and her mental health reached an all-time low after the hit of the pandemic. Becky reached out to Step One Charity for some support through our BeWell@StepOne service which resulted in her participating in our free self-help courses and a peer support group. This support made a huge difference to her mental health, and the peer support group has now become part of her life. Read on for Becky’s full story.

What was life like for you before you started working with Step One Charity?

I have suffered with my mental health – anxiety and depression for many years. The last few years with covid hitting left me unemployed from a well-loved job, social barriers because of isolating and I became homebound. My mental health got to the worst it’s been.

What support did you receive from Step One?

I have benefited from the courses and peer support group so much – they have made a huge impact/change to my life and my mental health.

What does life looks like for you now, since you have been working with Step One Charity?

With support from Step One, I have taken away so much information such as understanding my mental health and learning loads of techniques and tools to manage my wellbeing. Taking part in the BeWell@StepOne courses and groups has helped me break the cycle, gain friends in a social group, and I have loads of support and forever learning new things, especially within the peer support from everyone in the group. I feel completely safe in a safe place.

What would you say to anyone considering using the free BeWell@StepOne service?

Step One has been there for me – you can have a good or bad day and the support, advice and help is there. The BeWell@StepOne service is well valued and a benefit to myself and I have already recommended Step One to others I have met through other courses.

I’m very thankful for all the support I have received from the trainers I know – Amy, Sharon and Dom. Looking forward to more courses coming up. The support group has become part of my life.

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