Sarah’s story: “They saved my life because I was becoming desperate and I now have hope.”

Sarah’s story

Recently, we’ve had the privilege of supporting Sarah through our rehabilitation service at Cypress Hospital. Her time at Cypress Hospital was spent with our team of professionals, who supported her to build trust, regain self-confidence and have hope for the future. Here at Step One Charity we are committed to providing confidential and compassionate support across our services.

I was there [at Cypress] last year during summer months and was discharged in September.

They were amazingly committed and gave not just consistent professional support but also love, kindness a truly sincere and compassionate ear to listen and always competent advice in a therapeutic and reassuring manner.

They were on the job literally all the time whilst on their shift, always there ready to help, never invasive, patient, always well-mannered and they treated me with dignity and respect.

They actually helped me in laying the foundation for the right aftercare and were experienced and skilled enough to support me in building trust and in regaining self-confidence by helping me to report to the police those events that caused me to be ill. This never happened before.

They saved my life because I was becoming desperate and I now have hope.

I have experience as a mental health support worker and recovery practitioner as this was my job and as an inpatient in two other hospitals since last year in January.

I can confidently say that staff at Cypress absolutely put effort and their heart in the job to help me out, from the cook to the manager, from the OT to the nurse and support worker, even the cleaning staff were treating me with respect and kindness.

They are amazing people and professionals and I am so grateful.

Thank you also to the charity for having such a good service.

Sarah’s story shows that with consistent tailored support from skilled and compassionate individuals, people can begin to live a more independent and fulfilling life.

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