Justin’s story: “They help you to get the most out of life.”

Justin’s story

Exeter resident, Justin, had been going through a challenging phase in his life before reaching out for support from Step One Charity. He struggled with low-self-esteem, lacked motivation to get up in the mornings, and found himself regularly going to the pub and associating with people who added stress to his life. Unemployed and feeling lost, he needed a positive change.

Justin’s life took a turn for the better when his Care Co-ordinator recommended Step One Charity. He took the first step to a positive start when he reached out for support. He has since found comfort in the visits from Step One’s Community Support Workers, who have proved to be a source of help during anxious moments and offered valuable advice and knowledge.

Since starting his journey with Step One, Justin’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. He now wakes up early feeling “so much better” knowing that he has support in his life. He now has a paid job and the encouragement from Step One has motivated him to maintain his employment. The support team also offer guidance on various matters that ensure he remains well and on track. Importantly, he distanced himself from negative influences and found companionship in the support that Step One provides.

“I do feel better because of Step One, I am no longer associated with unruly friends and it helps that they keep me from being alone.”

Reflecting on his experience, Justin speaks highly of Step One Charity and the support he has received:

“Step One is a great support service and they are very professional at all times. It’s a great organisation, tailored to each individual and they help you to get the most out of life. I really appreciate the support and hope this continues.”

Justin’s journey is a reminder that compassionate support can transform lives and empower people to face their challenges, embracing a brighter future. With Step One by his side, Justin is now on a path of positive change, and he looks forward to the continued support and opportunities that lie ahead.

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