Leave a gift in your will.

Leaving a gift in your will is one of the most meaningful ways you can support Step One Charity.

Every day, our dedicated team of mental health nurses, support workers, occupational therapists and trainers work tirelessly to support people’s mental health and wellbeing, empowering them to lead full and meaningful lives. Gifts in wills help us to continue to provide these vital services and to support even more people in the future.

Gifts in wills explained

Leaving a gift to a charity in your will has many benefits, both to you and to the charity you choose, which is why more and more people are choosing to donate in this way. Not only are you making sure that a charity close to your heart is able to continue their valuable work, you are also reducing your taxable assets, potentially reducing your overall inheritance tax rate.

A gift in a will, or ‘legacy’ is not taxable, which means that 100% of your gift will go to the charity of your choice. This makes it one of the most effective ways of donating to a charity as there are very limited expenses on either side – especially if you participate in our ‘Make a Will Week’ in February 2024 which offers you the opportunity to create or update your will for free in exchange for a suggested donation to Step One Charity.

Why leave a gift in your will to Step One Charity?

We provide essential services to approximately 700 people per year who may have a mental health problem, a learning disability, or who may be neurodivergent.

At present, gift in wills help Step One to deliver approximately 33 mental health self-management courses for up to 365 people in Devon with mental health problems. There are approximately 416,755 adults in need of support across the county.

What difference could your gift make?

Leaving a gift in your will is a simple and easy way to make a lasting difference. It also allows 100% of your donation to reach us, making it the most effective way to donate.

With powerful outcomes such as reduced isolation, increased resilience, confidence, a sense of hope and self-esteem for participants, our BeWell service will continue to drive transformative change across the mental health support landscape in Devon.

How you can help

Woman writing on a whiteboard.

Your gift could provide training and development opportunities for our staff to provide the best possible support.

Your gift can help to rebuild hope after crisis or to cope with daily activities. 

Your gift could provide peer support activities such as a wellbeing walking group for people at risk of mental health crisis.

Why Sue is leaving a gift in her will

“I think it’s really important to leave money to charities that are going to help people in the long-term. It’s not just about leaving money, but actually it’s about leaving a legacy to other human beings and doing something for them that will enable them to lead a better life going forward.”

‘I became homebound. My mental health got to the worst it’s been.’

Becky has struggled with anxiety and depression for many years. After reaching out for some support through our BeWell service through self-help courses and our Tuesday craft peer support group, Becky’s mental health improved and the group has become part of her life.

How to leave a gift in your will

We are extremely grateful to anyone who chooses to support us in this way. We understand that making a will or changing an existing one might seem complicated, but it’s easier than you might think. These simple steps will help guide you through the process:

Step 1

Consider who or what you would like to make a gift to

Step 2

Choose your solicitor and executor

Step 3

Make sure the details of your beneficiaries are up to date

Step 4

Write down your wishes and sign with your chosen legal representative

Step 5

If you wish, you can notify any chosen charity

Common questions

Pecuniary gifts – is a specific amount of money. It’s worth bearing in mind that the effects of inflation mean that this type of gift is likely to lose value over time and may end up being less than you initially intend.

Residuary gifts – a percentage of your estate once any specified gifts have been made to friends and family. Many charity supporters choose to leave this type of gift because its value will be dependent on the value of your estate at any given time rather than a set amount.

Specific gifts – such as a personal possession, land, buildings or stocks and shares.

Reversionary gifts – you may wish to set up a trust in your will so that someone can enjoy the benefit of some money or property you have during their lifetime. Afterwards, the remaining money or property would then be donated to us.

Your solicitor will be able to explain this in more detail.

Yes! With your gift we can offer a rich and fulfilling service by providing a variety of life-enhancing activities and tools, such as specialist equipment, redecorating wards, providing sensory items that can help calm anxious patients, day trips for those we support in the community, and providing vital mental health support in people’s homes and in the community through our online and in-person BeWell programme.

Including a gift to Step One Charity does not make it a binding commitment while you are still alive. So, you are free to change your mind, and your will, at any time.

No. Rather than re-writing everything you can instruct a solicitor to add an amendment to your existing will – which they will then prepare. This is known as a codicil.

Most wills are straightforward but it depends on individual circumstances. The process begins with an appointment with your chosen solicitor. Once your wishes have been written, it will then be professionally drafted and sent to you to be signed in the presence of a witness. After signing, the will is usually returned to the solicitor.

The only information you need to provide your solicitor with is our Registered Charity Number and address.
Here are the details: 

Step One Charity, Stratus House, Emperor Way, Exeter Business Park, Exeter, 
EX1 3QS 

Registered Charity Number: 235434

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