Creative Writing Group

Free BeWell@StepOne Peer Support Group

This weekly session is an opportunity for you to spend some time on your wellbeing by journaling or creating poetry.

About this peer support group

Journaling has many aspects to consider to be a productive tool, it is important to question your thoughts and feelings to enable you to understand your emotions. If you prefer poetry, then feel free to allow yourself to be creative in this session.

You will be provided with 3 weekly journaling questions in each session and then you can freely answer them in your journal. The same questions will be the topic of your poems, if you prefer poetry.

The facilitator will be available throughout the session for questions and discussions. So, grab yourself a cuppa and join us in this weekly group.

How to join this weekly peer support group:

When: Every Monday, 3pm – 4.30pm starting 1st July 2024.
Where: Online via Zoom

Please note that this session is available for anyone over 18.

Sign up using the link below.

How do the peer support group sessions work?

Our online peer support group sessions, such as the All-Welcome Wellbeing group and Anxiety Café, provide a welcoming and inclusive space for people seeking to improve their mental wellbeing. These regular sessions focus on self-help strategies and offer opportunities to connect with like-minded peers.

The groups meet weekly or fortnightly via Zoom, with tutors who value participant feedback to tailor each session for maximum benefit.

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