Simon’s success story: Transforming Cypress Hospital’s staff office at Step One Charity

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Meet Simon, Deputy Facilities Manager at Step One Charity, responsible for keeping our properties safe and in the best condition they can be. Let’s discover how Simon and our Facilities team have made a positive impact on the staff at Cypress Hospital with a fantastic office makeover!

What were your goals for the new staff office at Cypress Hospital?

Simon: I wanted to make sure that the team at Cypress had a nice office space to work from, that not only met their needs but also was a great place to work.

What improvements or changes did you make to the office to create a better working environment for staff?

Simon: We increased the size of the office which created the additional space we needed. We then added lots of big windows to make the most of the natural light and increase visibility. We installed all new furniture and improved IT equipment.

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What were some of the challenges you faced in the construction of the new office?

Simon: Sourcing the new pyro glass windows and getting the floor levels right within the new office space.

How do you think the new staff office will benefit the staff at Cypress Hospital?

Simon: The new office enables more collaborative working, as there is a bigger space which can accommodate everyone. As well as this, the increased visibility brings increased safety.

What are you most proud of about the new staff office?

Simon: I’m proud of the fact that I was able to create a lovely space for the staff to work in.

Were there any specific considerations or regulations you had to adhere to when designing the office?

Simon: Our main patient-based focus was the ability to see into the living area of the hospital. We had to make sure that in extending the office we were not creating any blind spots. The lovely large windows that we have installed not only floods the room with sunlight, but also allows us full vision.

Do you have any upcoming plans or projects for the hospital’s facilities that you’re excited about?

Simon: I am working my way through the old office, staff room and the temporary office to revamp them in to new rooms for the staff team.

Eilis Rainsford, Acute Services Manager at Cypress Hospital said:

“The transformation from our old cupboard office to a professional space for multi-agency working is truly incredible. Not only do we have a space we are proud of and proud to share with wider colleagues, this has allowed us to move away from outdated manual records and set up a complete paper free system over the past few months. This new facility has so many benefits including greater efficiency of our time, safer working practices and crucially, allowing us to spend more time doing our professional work with the people we support. The attention to detail from Simon has been incredible on every level. We absolutely love it!”

A huge thank you to our Facilities team, Simon, Steve and Amie for all their hard work. We are excited about their upcoming projects to further enhance our hospital facilities!

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