All Welcome Wellbeing Group

Free BeWell@StepOne Peer Support Group

This online peer support group encourages self-help strategies to support your wellbeing, whilst meeting like-minded people. Open to all!

Image of a mug and a laptop with a zoom group in progress with faces on screen

About this peer support group

This weekly online session begins with a general check-in, “How has your week been?”, “Is there anything you have found difficult to manage this week?” This is followed by a short break and then continues with a self-help topic to support your wellbeing. This peer support group allows you to meet like-minded people who support each other.

This session is open to everyone in Devon over the age of 18.

How to join this peer support group:

When: Every Tuesday, 2pm – 4pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Sign up using the link below.

How do the peer support group sessions work?

Our online peer support group sessions, such as the All-Welcome Wellbeing group and Anxiety Café, provide a welcoming and inclusive space for people seeking to improve their mental wellbeing. These regular sessions focus on self-help strategies and offer opportunities to connect with like-minded peers.

The groups meet weekly or fortnightly via Zoom, with tutors who value participant feedback to tailor each session for maximum benefit.

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